All In Secret

All of the good cultures found in Africa are open to every one. People
know and are aware of them especially when and where the event
 is going to take place. On the contrary, the bad ones, most of them,
are shrouded in top secrecy. The fact that they are kept in
 secret should tell anyone that they are very bad.

…………The case where a widow is told to drink the water used to wash her dead husband is first only knows to the traditionalists. The widow is not told or may not be aware of it, especially if she is from another community. She is invited, unaware of the reason, to the place where the rite is to be performed, and then she is told to drink the water. This was made known to people when some widows who were brave enough came out and spoke out. 

…………Killing of twins, on the other hand, was as a strong belief that giving birth to any more than one child at a time was abnormal, therefore was law to kill them upon delivery. Most of the citizens will be sad about it, especially the mothers of the twins, but due to fear they will not be able to protest. Where they protest, they will be killed.

………..Killing of Albinos, Hunchbacks is of top secret. The evil men that kill them hide it from people, and also do it in secret. The albinos will just be disappearing one after the other, likewise the hunchbacks. When I was small I often hear that the hunchbacks don’t come out at night, I wondered why. The reason is of ‘course  obvious to me now. 

All are in secret……The case of the healthy, energetic guy who is being branded crazy.
 I bet he didn’t know it until maybe he felt some jesting to him from people and some  ill-treatments. He probably complained but due to fear, even his friends and family won’t accept that he is going through that. The evil men with some ignorant ones are happy, taking lots of fun, joke from it [to them, it is fun] while the poor guy is suffering to insanity. The family members secretly dying in sorrow for they dare not show that they feel for the guy. But why the secrecy, one will ask.

I think, deep inside them, they know that the act is bad. Again, with it kept in secret the fear in people to tell it out will increase. The case of the poor guy, his friends or his family cannot hint him that “this is what people are telling about you”. He is all alone at it, no one to talk to about it because they will pretend not to know. I can remember some occasions when I and some group of friends were discoursing about the guy and his problem. As he came to join us, we all stopped talking about him, changing the topic. He probably heard some of it and asked what we were discoursing about him but we denied saying that we were talking about another thing. That is it, there is no tangible evidence for the guy to hold for complaint. He cannot hold anybody to ask why he or she is saying badly about him. This is the major reason this aspect of their ‘cult’ or practice is kept in secrecy.

Ask me the biggest, hottest news shaking the town, everyone except the so called crazy one knows about it. Yet, you can never find it published in the newspaper, radio or television. The answer is this madness case. The poor guy only senses murmurings, strange stare and ill-treatments around him. The reason for this secrecy being not to give him any tangible base to lay his complaint. At least, he can take anyone who calls or regards him insane to court. This cult is still so strong especially in Africa today. Anyone who dare to speak or protest is killed either by poisoning or sudden accident. That is as bad as it is .…..How long should we allow this to continue to happen?

I thought, Insanity, Craziness or Madness, as many people may call it is a “kind of behaviour(s) characterized by certain abnormal mental or behavioural patterns”;  “Defective function of mental processes such as reasoning”.
So, how can you hold a healthy, energetic man, who is doing good job in the company he works, still writing and passing his examinations, as being crazy. Should it be because of the fun of it [We must have mad someone to play with] or because of hatred. We can argue it in court, for I’m not an expert in this.

I think this aspect of the culture, if it is culture, needs urgent visiting. I think the religious groups, elites, human right officers should please look on to these aspects. The main problem is the strong power of secrecy behind this sect. Even, as I am writing it now, I am doing so with fear. But reading Mary Slessor’s work stopping the ‘’Killing of Twins’’ has given me courage to bring this forward. 

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Anonymous said...

Dear Readers,

You must have read some of the bad aspects of our cultures as
included in this blog. I want you to understand that the inclusion
of these bad cultures is not, in any way to paint Africans bad or to say that Africa is not a good place to live. Africans are warm and interesting people, as you can read from "Good Cultures - More
Insight". The purpose of including the bad cultures is to draw
people's attention to them so that we can work together to see
how we can change them to make Africa a better continent for all.

Please, as you read, do good to drop your comment. Tell us how you
feel and how you want us to improve.