Insanity – Big Fun?

A little question for us: “ If you discover a system, a practice, that drives people Insane, what will you do? Will you kick against it or will you just relax and enjoy the fun?".

This is a question that came to my mind. Please do well to drop your answer before you leave or you can respond to it at our twitter page. We should not take this as just a mere question and ignore it. Go to any destitute home, you will see insane people moving around, no future, no hope. When we put ourselves in their shoes, imagine how bad and ugly it is.
It is bad enough that somebody could go mad naturally due to depression, illness, etc. Then come to think of a group, an organisation, a culture intentionally driving people insane. These might seem unbelievable to many people but it is happening, especially in Africa where certain culture encourages it.

How can we encourage a system, a practice to drive people to madness. People knowing about it, seeing it happening and will allow it. May be due to fear or because they are simply enjoying the fun they seem to be deriving from it. It is certainly very sad to know that one is being grievously oppressed, even to the highest order, people knowing about it and no one is making any move to stop it.

Ko do Ewoo [and similar tricks]"….their system, trick to drive their victims to insanity. Some people who don’t understand will say why can’t the person say "Ewoo" but not knowing that it is just a trick of the cult. This, I tell you, they use to drive thousands of people yearly into madness and drive them out of their homes to the streets.
“I can’t fuck you who are you?" is one the jargon of the cult. This, making them very very dangerous. They oppress their victims with any weapon thinkable to man in order to drive them to madness. They use joblessness, starvation, witchcraft, food poisoning, etc to afflict their victims. They do these by convincing people that the victim is insane. They operate in secrecy. All about hatred and to oppress the weak though, making people believe that the practice is about love, joke and friendship. They also convince people that the act is from [Chi] god. 
But is it truly from god? Is it not the same god that commanded the killing of twins before the good old Mary scelessor came to fight it and finally stopped it? I mean, we should use our brain. Why should we allow and encourage this wicked practice to still happen in this modern age. 

Some people may relax about it because they seem to enjoy the fun of seeing a mad person dance on the street. But think twice I beg of you….You that is a young girl, think of many young girls that have gone insane or committed suicide simply because they cannot bear the shame or the suffering. Also, you that is a young man, think of many boys, men that have been driven insane and out of their homes. Their future ruined, simply because people were enjoying them go mad…it could happen to you. We know that the cult, that is actively behind this practice, are extremely dangerous and can go to any length to harm anybody that opposes them. But should we fold hands and allow people to be INTENTIONALLY driven to insanity? A simple bold step from me and you today could go a long way to stopping thousands, if not millions of future victims.

AIDS is discovered, a fight against it is on and proving a success; Cause of CANCER is discovered, a fight against it is on and proving a big success, etc. HUMAN INFLICTED INSANITY is another danger, I must tell you. And the earlier we start a fight against this wicked practice, the better it will be for us all. It will only take a little bold step from 1, 2, 3, 4,…..persons, and working together. We can stop this bad aspect of our culture.

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