Insanity - D Untold Story

Insanity is one of the worst bad effect of bad cultural beliefs and practices people
suffer in Africa .It will surprise you to know that  many insanity cases in Africa
are human inflicted which are because of personal gain, hatred, envy, power
drunk, etc. When the victim becomes mad [or held insane] the evil men tell
people that it is from the gods. This is what they use to deceive people, like
in all other bad cultures, e.g. killing of twins, that the command is from the
gods. In this case, that the gods caused the fellow to insanity.

We all know that a person might become mentally sick due to severe sickness, depression or long exposure to unfavourable condition or torture. But why hold someone mad, just because of personal gains or greed. This is causing lots of problem in many communities in Africa and causing lots of suffering to the people. Go to any street, you don’t travel any than one to ten miles without seeing one or two crazy person roaming the street. Tell me, are all these people caused by the good God?

The people are not even helping the matter. Why? Is because they hold so tightly to their fear and will not come out to stand and defend the poor, supposedly mad fellow. You can come out, strongly stand and say to the people that your friend or brother/sister, son/daughter is not mad, “please don’t treat him as such”. Instead they clutch to their fear and suffer in silence. But you won’t blame them too much because the strong secrecy and strong hand the evil men, cult use to hold their victim to insanity is so strong that if anybody oppose their action, the person is also considered insane and treated so. If the person who is opposing them is very influential that they cannot hold him/her insane, they will quickly kill him either by poisoning or acciden.


Many insane people you see on the streets of Africa are human influenced due to greed which is due to bad belief that by holding their victim to insanity they can gain wealth. They believe that from this the supposed wealth or good luck of their victim will be theirs. Because of this many greedy men/women go to witch doctors to beg for charm and power to make people mad.

Another reason evil men inflict insanity to their victims is hatred and “power-drunk”. Anybody they hate, they don’t want to see progress so they go to all extent to influence people to regard him/her insane. Some simply want to test their influence on their enemies.

This evil, influential man sees this Beautiful young girl. He approaches her, for sex, the girl refuses. He now develops hatred on her and want to satisfy himself. He goes to manipulate people to regard her crazy. Because of the man’s influence people set eye on the young girl, [all eyes on me] every little thing she does is madness. If she smiles, it is madness; If she go for shopping, ahaa, she is shopping too much; If she goes to take bath, it is because of the madness; If she sing, ahaa look at it, her madness has started again. If she cook, look at the way she is cooking. I mean, she can never do right so far she is hated or looked upon in that regard.

Envy is also one reason evil men hold their victims to insanity. Because they feel they are stronger or more influential, they want your position in office, and they want it by all means; They want that your beautiful wife/husband and they want it by all means; They want that your land and they want it by all means; And so on. They seek for ways to drive their victims to insanity. When they succeed, they poor fellow suffers maltreatment from the people, eventually abandoning the position, property, etc.

When they eventually succeed in driving their victims to insanity they now tell the people that the insanity is from the gods. That the poor guy has done so bad a thing that god has cursed him or her. They lie all sought of lies to the people, that the fellow stole one thing or the other, that the person committed one secret crime or the other, that the person is into one secret cult or the other, etc, and that god is punishing him for it. This lies which are always unknown to the poor victim, will make the people to hate the fellow more and maltreat him the more, even drive him out their company.

I don’t know why they even bring god to the matter since the secrecy and cultism behind them is so powerful that they can kill anybody that oppose their action. Maybe because they need free help of the people, at least, at the start of their plan, to drive home their evil action. God is a supreme power so by telling people that god has commanded to treat him insanely, nobody can oppose. But is it god that is causing so many people on the street insane? When they were killing the twins [which they still secretly do in some communities today], it is the same thing they told us “god commanded it”……Should we continue to allow this in our society?

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